Thursday, 30 May 2013

VDNKh station in Cloud Party

Metatron has built a really cool place with wonderful details in Cloud Party, the Metro 2033 (Dmitry Glukhovsky) VDNKh station. You can visit it here:

Background story: 

"In 2013, a nuclear war occurred, forcing a large amount of Moscow's surviving population to relocate to underground metro stations in search of refuge from the outside world. Eventually, those who settled in the underground train stations evolved their homes into independent station-countries. Soon, new factions grew, starting with new Soviet Union (whose members were strong Marx idealists) and the Fourth Reich (or neo-Nazis)". 

"As these small states began to evolve, the New Soviet Union and the Fourth Reich entered war, as both sought to control the metro and its resources. As the war raged, those stations who refused to join either side were massacred by the militants, raided by bandits, or outright destroyed by the Dark Ones - paranormal, otherworldly, mutated humans and animals who live in the nuclear-ravaged surface world. In one of these stations is where the events of Metro 2033 unfold." Read on:

Monday, 27 May 2013

Artistide Despres in Cloud Party

More and more artists realises that Cloud Party is a place where u can create the stuff u just dreamed about before. 1 of them is Artistide Despres.

You can visit some of her places in Cloud Party here (it´s moving so you need to see it live!):

But she has a "secret" island too....

Artistide Despres Facebook:

One world is not enough :)

Video, Aristides work on another, well known, virtual platform:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Build a “Monumental” Virtual Sculpture for a Shot at Winning $1,000

"The background: I know this dates me, but the best way I can think of to describe Cloud Party is that it has the same relationship to Second Life that Facebook had to MySpace — it’s similar in feel, but due to some snappy technological innovations, much easier to get into and to share your creations (“click-to-connect” is the buzzword), and aims to be somewhat classier. " ~ Ben Davis

Read on:

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Building Class in Cloud Party

Building Class "Basic Training" and the subject this time is "Materials" in Cloud Party 21 of may 6 PM UK time!

This Video helps you to join our live training sessions in Cloud Party for free:

Link to video:

More info:

And information from Cloud Partys FB:

Monday, 20 May 2013

High Alps in Cloud Party

High alps was last weeks themed island in Cloud Party. Brr cold, so you need a warm jacket! But fortunately some people has set up some nice cabins with fireplaces and stuff. So join us and help us build these themed islands together.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cloud Party - not only clouds

Cloud Party is not only about clouds, there is water too! And you can get it for free, modify it and place it around your own island, in a pool or something.