What about Cloud Party?

The difference between Cloud Party and other virtual worlds is that Cloud Party is run in a browser. The script language is Java as in a web page. This makes it easy to gather people as they dont have to download anything, just give them a url and they log in as a guest. This is perfect both for companies, education platforms and casual parties with live music.

Atm Cloud Party is best supported by the web client Chrome but you can use Firefox too (no shadows sorry to say atm) and even Internet Explorer with a small extension. IE is not good at the moment but works if  you dont have any other opportunity. I hope and think IE will start support webGL soon.

If you register your avatar at the homepage you will get some easy tutorials and when you´v done them you get a free home. Use the marketplace to buy or get free stuff.

Cloud Party has an economy with Cloud Coins you can buy. But also a lot of free stuff. If you decide to buy an island of  your own the smallest cost 74 dollar for 6 months (you get 1 month for free). You can rent a month for 14.75 Dollar too.

You can build in world with easy building tools or you can import your own mesh from 3D softwares like Blender, Maya etc. Uploads are free.

This world is still in Beta and was launched 2012 so the world is still growíng and evolving. It is exciting to follow this evolvement so join us in this wonderful fairytale world!

Sign up here: http://www.cloudparty.com/  or visit as a guest with no registration.